Caring for your Togtastic Swimwear

Caring for your Togtastic Swimwear Togtastic swimwear is designed for training, competitive and casual use and therefore you should be confident in knowing that your swimwear will withstand many hours of swimming.

However like all great swimwear they will not last forever therefore please remember to

• Always rinse your garments after each wear and hang in a shaded area to air dry.

• Never leave your swimwear rolled up in a towel overnight

• Do not machine wash your garments. Please hand wash if needed.

• Be aware of rough surfaces and clothing items as these can cause pilling or snag your garment. (sitting on concrete surfaces or rubbing against any harsh surface can cause damage to your swimwear)

Chlorine is a strong chemical and is extremely harsh on all swimwear if swimwear is not rinsed after each use the life of your swimwear will be reduced.

Togtastic does aim to provide a very high quality swimwear and should your swimwear be proven to have a manufactured fault we are more than happy to exchange . Unfortunately  we cannot replace swimwear if it has signs of misuse so please follow the guidelines, rinse your swimwear and be aware of rough and abrasive surfaces.

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