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Girls JUNIOR Fastskin LazerX Open Back Kneeskins Lava/Pink

Girls JUNIOR Fastskin LazerX Open Back Kneeskins Lava/Pink

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Feel unstoppable wearing our most innovative girls' racing swimsuit yet - the Speedo Fastskin Junior LZR Racer X Openback Kneeskin. Increased targeted compression streamlines the body while support seams hold you higher in the water, making you feel your fastest. Designed for young athletes using medal-winning Speedo swimwear technology.
This Speedo Fastskin product is fully approved by FINA.

 Girls' racing swimsuit- featuring an open back style and made with the same medal-winning Speedo technology used in the ladies' Fastskin LZR Racer X

  • Increased compression & freedom of movement- the combination of 2 unique Speedo swimwear fabrics offers horizontal stretch resistance, providing intense targeted muscular compression while still allowing excellent freedom of movement through every stroke
  • Body position- Increased linked core stabilizer panels within the girls' swimsuit promote a more hydrodynamic shape and better position in the water
  • Ab activators- Laser-cut panels in the girls' swimsuit core liner increase water sensitivity while prompting you to align yourself correctly
  • Support seams- maximised support seams improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awareness
  • Laser cut straps- precision laser incisions control the stretch of the swimsuit's strap for greater shoulder comfort and fit


The hip measurement on Fastskin LZR Racer® X is the most important measurement. 

Please base your size using the hip measurement first. Chest, body loop and waist measurement are to be used as an extra guide. 

Hip - taken from the widest point of the hips. 

Body loop - place the beginning of the tape measure on the middle of the shoulder. Run the tape measure over the fullest part of your bust down between your legs and up your back to the start point on your shoulder. 

Chest - Measure over the fullest part of your bust. 

Waist - Measure around your navel.

Rather than making a selection based on your size in previous racing suits, Speedo recommends that you measure yourself and select the correct size according to the charts below. 

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